About Us
Agro Farm

Agro Farm

Our farm is a family business that was born out of our love for nature and fresh products. We created our farm around 5 years ago, starting with small cultures of different fruits: strawberries, raspberries, apples, plums and grapes. 

Due to the feedback from our visitors, we created a small animal farm, mainly for the entertainment of the children. 

But, we were able to understand all the benefits that we had from the animals and all the new products we can make, so now we are the proud owners of one of the biggest animal farms from the area. 

Why choose us
We offer only high-quality vegetables, fruits and dairy products, grown with care in an ecologically clean environment.
Don't have time to come over and pick up the products you need? Our fast delivery team will bring them to your home or restaurant in any part of the area.
Wide Choice
A wide range of all kinds of vegetables, fruits, dairy products. Have any suggestions as to our assortment? We will be glad to hear them out and expand!